MASS Series Dining Chair SUMI LIMITED 184,800 + tax

MASS Series Dining Chair

184,800 + tax
Special edition of dinning chair made of charred solid Oguni cedar. Year of production and edition number are provided.
Maharam 005 Talus
W590 D670 SH420 AH610
Steel with melamine resin finish
Charred cedar with stain oil + clear urethane coating finish
The 2020 edition is limited to 25 units. The wooden parts of the furniture may be scratched and the paint may come off due to a strong impact. Please use caution when handling it.
Dining Chair Dining Chair
SUMI LIMITED MASS Series Dining Chair 184,800 + tax
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MASS Series “SUMI LIMITED” was designed to bring awareness and understanding about Noyaki. Noyaki is a unique millennium old tradition that created the stunning landscape of Aso. The long and challenging tradition has brought people together and deepened the relationship. Recalling the history behind the landscape might give us a hint to “a fulfilling life.”

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