The Meaning of Tradition


"The Meaning of Tradition"

What does it mean to live with nature? MASS Series “SUMI LIMITED” was designed to bring awareness and understanding about Noyaki. Noyaki is a unique millennium old tradition that created the stunning landscape of Aso. The long and challenging tradition has brought people together and deepened the relationship. Recalling the history behind the landscape might give us a hint to “a fulfilling life.”

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The Meaning of Tradition
About FIL

Who we are

What is a key to a rich and fulfilling life? – Value and belief? Being with nature? Relationships to one another? It might be invisible connection that fulfil our life. With a concept of “Fulfilling Life”, a lifestyle brand FIL makes locally produced furniture, aroma products and other daily-use items in Minami-Oguni, Aso, Kumamoto.

With the society

FIL is based in Minami-Oguni, Kumamoto prefecture. Minami-Oguni is a town located to the north of Aso caldera which has an active volcano to this day. Aso caldera is internationally famous and about 50,000 people call it home. Rather than just making products, FIL came about with an ambition to protect and preserve the landscape and natural resources that communities cherished and harness it for future generations.

Fulfilling life

FIL exists to quest the ideal way of being and pursuing the values of “fulfilling life.” FIL is not only looking for the minimum ( = something less) but is seeking for the real meaning of prosperity in this era of consumerism and capitalism. We will spread the importance of this way of life by questioning the values of “fulfilling life” to the society and by expressing it ourselves.

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