What does it mean to have a fulfilling life?


The meaning of Tradition

Noyaki, Aso's annual controlled burning of the grassland inspired the latest MASS Series called “SUMI LIMITED.” The series uses the inky black charred cedar and steel frame. The design highlights the contrast in the materials used.

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  • MASS Series Dining Chair

  • MASS Series Lounge Chair

  • MASS Series 900 Coffee Table

  • MASS Series 4leg Stool

  • MASS Series Handle Stool

  • MASS Series Coathanger


Charred inky black represents the culture

Cedar is charred to gain glossiness and organic feature with defined grains. Charred colour reminds us of Noyaki. It represents Aso's history and beauty of harmonic lifestyle with nature.

Elegant design

The series uses steel frame and generously planed-down cedar. What makes this series so special and profound is that the best part of old cedar trees is used and prepared by skilled woodcraft men. Clean-cut design with smoothly planed cedar and elegantly prepared steel frame urges you to touch and feel it. The series fits in any space or set-up you can think of.

Unique texture created by charred cedar

It is a traditional method to charred cedar to make durable furniture. The process involves skills and experience to bring out cedar’s defined grains just right. This is what produces the unique texture and rare finish to the furniture.


Why we do

FIL always starts their day with a question of “what it means to have a fulfilling life.” Here with focus on the millennium old Aso tradition, FIL sets off to search materials, functions and designs to represent its tradition.

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