Why we do


"Fulfilling Life"

Based on the concept of “Fulfilling life”, FIL applies their vision to the products by protecting and preserving the beautiful landscape and tradition of the Aso/Minami-Oguni region. FIL also values a profound relationship between nature and humans. It is their hope that the society inquires “what it means to have a fulfilling life.” FIL aims to appeal the values and importance of lifestyle co-living with nature.

Our story
Fulfilling Life Fulfilling Life
About Noyaki

The landscape of Aso

Noyaki is a millennium old tradition in Aso to preserve the grasslands. The landscape of Aso grasslands is a symbol of the human relationship with nature. Locals have been maintaining and using the grasslands to undertake sustainable farming and agriculture in volcanic lands.

Nature and humans

Without Noyaki, Aso grasslands would become overgrown with bushes and the biodiversity native to Aso will be at risk. Noyaki exterminates destructive insects and helps new shoots on their upward journey above ground. Aso’s stunning landscape and rich habitats exist in partnership between humans and nature.

A profound relationship

Noyaki takes place here in Minami-Oguni town, where FIL is based and with the FIL staff partaking. We feel it is important to experience the tradition and continue to reflect on what it means to live with nature. We also value fostering relationships with local communities and commit to treasure this nature for our next generation and thereafter.